PSB Synchrony One with Cayin A-88t

Do you think this would be a good match? I'm currently running this amp on my Klipsch RF-7 with terrific results but the PSB look like they might be the speakers to hold on to for a long time. How much of an upgrade in sound should i expect?
major upgrade if your amp is up to it.
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Thanks for the comments! It took quite a few amp combinations to get the klipsch to sound the way I wanted them to sound. I went from Yamaha to marantz to Aragon seperates till I finally settled on the Cayin. The Cayin has the warm musical sound I was looking for and believe it or not has way more balls then my 200.2 Aragon did. If anybody has used tubes with the PSB please share your comments.
I'd be careful about power. I home demoed a Prima Luna Prologue integrated amp with my Synchrony Ones and it was a complete disaster due to a lack of power. It distorted piano notes at what is a moderate level for me and couldn't even begin to play electronica. I use a Rotel RB-1090 ss amp rated at 380 WPC into 8 ohms and the Synchrony Ones are closer to four where my amp puts out around 700WPC and it doesn't seem like overkill to me at all.