Cayin A-88t OR Cayin A-100T for Sonus Faber Cremon

Hi. I love the lush, musical sound of my Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors and I have narrowed my amp choices down to either the Cayin A-88t OR the Cayin A-100t. Is the only REAL difference between the two amps the power output? If so, in my listening room (14 x 28) with 10ft. ceilings will the smaller A-88t be enough? Does the extra power in the A-100t make the sound better even though the volume won't be cranked up to concert listening levels? Finally, the pre amp tubes are different in the amps . . . what differences should I expect?
go with the 100. I have both a 88 and 100. I originally had the 88 and felt the 100 would be better. It was. I still have the 88 and will find a use for it in another system. Cayin makes a great product. I also have VAS mono blocks. The 100 sounds the best.
I would go the A-100T as it would be easier to bias tubes with its built in meter.
Thank you for your observations. I will go with the A-100t as soon as a nice one is listed on Audiogon. Cheers!