Speaker recommendation for Cayin a88t/kt88

I am in the process of putting together a secondary system and I would like speaker ideas for the Cayin A88T integrated amp. I plan on using my old Pioneer Elite PD - 65 as a transport and musical fidelity X-DACv3 and X-10v3.
This a bedroom setup. The room measurements are 22 X 12 X 10 high. Listening area is at one end comprising an area of 8 X 12.
Had it with AP Yaras and loved the combo.
I own the Cayin and it works wonders with Spendor SP100.
Very nice with Harbeth speakers too.
Ck out the Tyler SIGNATURE MONITORs a MTM design which may be too much for your room size, otherwise ck oyt his design with a single 7 inch/tweeter in a floorstanding model, same price as the MTM.