PSB Platinum M2

Hello. I currently have a pair of PSB Platinum M2 speakers. Unfortunately, I am not too knowledgable on the technological end. I decided to upgrade to some Mcintosh gear, specifically the MC252 at 250w per channel.

My question is, would this be ok for my speakers? would this cause any damage? Thanks for your help everyone.
You probably have more than enough power than what you will ever need and might find that you wont have to turn the volume level up as much to get the desired listening levels.

Enjoy the amp....
I have M2s and love them, they are a ridiculously good speaker for the money. I'm using a McCormack DNA 125 which is 125w/8 Ohms and 200w/ 4 Ohms and it drives them cleanly at higher volumes than you are likely to play at with normal listening. Most speakers are damaged by low powered amps that are driven into clipping, not a higher powered amp.

They should work well with the 252 it's an excellent amp.
Thanks for your help guys!
I drive my M2s with a Parasound Halo A23 amp which delivers roughly 200 watts into the M2's nominal 4 0hm load (125 wpc into 8 ohms), but I feel that a bit more juice would open the sound up for the better. I am no head banger, mind you, but the M2s don't really come alive spatially, tonally or dynamically without a little "juice to cook the goose" so to speak.

I echo the sentiments of those who feel that the MC252 "should" work well with the M2s, but you should try to audition the M2s with the Mac before parting with your hard-earned 3-4K. Although not cold or sterile sounding, these compacts sound best with electronics that deftly blend detail retrival with natural instrumental warmth. I run my Aragon 28k Class A pre (operational mode, not Stereophile rating) into a Musical Fidelity V3 Tube Buffer - the V3 is powerd by the outboard MF Power Suppply - and then into the Parasound.

The results are lovely; detail and air, but also warmth and a more natural tonal balance. I just need more juice. In this sense, I think that the warmer-sounding MC 252 will do just fine. as for me, I'm thinking that the new Cambridge 840W which outputs about 350 watts into 4ohms might do the trick. Now that would slap those 6-1/2 inch woofers into shape, no???

Thoughts? Suggestions?

PS: does anyone mass load the integral stands with sand or lead shot?