PS Audio owners difference between Multiwave1and2

I have bought a PS Audio P1200 which only has Multiwave 1, is it worth the $250 to have Multiwave 2 fitted? What are the differences if any?
I just upgraded my P600 from MW1 to MW2 and Power Ports about 2 weeks ago. MW2 with power ports creates a much more refined sound, less grain, lower noise, more air, more natural presentation. I hesitated to upgrade to MW2 after having already upgraded to MW1 a year ago but now that I finally did it I am very happy with the results and wouldn't consider going back to MW1.
I found more detail and depth with the MW2. I have a tube preamp that used to chatter internally a lot with some of the MW1 settings. The MW2 is much quieter in that respect (I use P4 and TUB as my favorite settings). You only have 5 settings with MW2, but I never used all 9 on MW1 anyway.
I would recommend visiting the PS Audio Website. It has excellent narrative on the differences between the two including what each is SUPPOSED to do. It may benefit you.
I had the P1000 for 2 or 3 weeks before I needed the money and sold it....Now I can't listen to my system without it...It just not the same....The P1000 have all the settings of MW1 and MW2 and my favarorite setting was the multiwave I which is the same as ps1 from your p1200 I think.....

Speaking of the power conditioner and power regenerator, do you guys think the highly rave review of the BPT 3.5 Signature is better than the PS Audio P1000?...We are comparing apples and oranges here, but I am curious if anyone compare the two?
Thank you to all who helped me decide what upgrade path to follow, your excellent advice is much appreciated. Multiwave 2 it is!
Thanks again