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DSpeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 - Where in Signal Chain?
I had the dual core between my dac output and amp. At that time I had decided I preferred no preamp and was letting the dac control volume. My dac is an exasound e20. The dual core did very well in controlling some severe bass modes I had. 
ceiling acoustic treatment
From the photos, I would suggest first working on side wall reflections before worrying about the ceiling. I have a cathedral ceiling and did eventually put 6 2x4 panels up there of Owens 705 with Ready Bags from Ready Acoustics Co. I did angle th... 
DNM Stereo speaker cables-experiences?
I recently changed out to DNM interconnects, replacing MIT cables. Initially I wasn't sure about what I thought was leanness in the bass, but over time I came to like the DNM bass- quicker, more articulate. On the mids and highs they are very clea... 
Are some songs on HDTracks different mixes?
Don't know how common this is, but I had a similar experience on Steely Dan's Two Against Nature (96kHz FLAC)-- the female background vocals were very faint, and most of the horns were also. Other parts sounded fine. On the other hand, Steely Dan'... 
Amarra 2.3.2 vs Puremusic 1.82 playback software
Anyone compare the junior or mini versions of Amarra to PM? More even comparison price wise 
MIT line-higher models
I moved up from the Shotgun 3.3 to the Shotgun MA. The MA is much richer, less harsh, well worth the extra money. 
Conrad Johnson 17LS Power Cord Recommendations
I have a 17LS2. I tried a Shunyata CX cord, which made the sound brighter and edgier. In the end I went back to the stock cord- more natural sounding, less fatiguing. 
Martin Logan Prodigy with Sonic Frontiers Power
I have Odysseys. Upgraded from Classe CAM200 monoblocks to a CJ premier 350. Huge improvement in power, resolution, tonality, bass... everything. 
Dumb question? WHAT IS YOUR SEAT/ CHAIR?
The seating seems to make a very large difference.I orignally was using a chair from Plummer's (a cheaper knockoff of the Ekornes style), but I found that some of the internal springs buzzed during loud bass passages. Then I moved to a leather sof... 
Budding Audiophile in San Diego Needs Help
There is a great group in SD called the San Diego Music and Audio Guild (SDMAG). They meet monthly. Contact Jan at Next meeting is on 4/29. There have been several talks on room acoustics. Lots of good informal advice and conta... 
Resolution Audio Opus 21 questions
I tried running mine straight into my amps. Very clean sound, less sibilant vocals, but lacking personality and depth. I stayed with running from the Opus into my BAT VK30 preamp, and consistently like it better. A little more noise, but much more... 
preamp tube hiss from my SF Line 1
Thanks for you reply, Snipes.In my case the problem came on suddenly, so I would think it would be one tube vs. two. Do you think 2.5 years is 'getting up there in age?' I probably do 5 hrs per week, so maybe 700 hrs at this point? 
preamp tube hiss from my SF Line 1
I just experienced a static/hiss last night for the first time. Kind of like when a turntable reaches the end of a record. Not noticeable during music, but noticeable when I hit 'pause'. I swapped cables on the amps and source, and isolated it to ... 
Sound anchors for Thiel 3.6?
I went from spikes to cones to sound anchors. I overall preferred the sound anchors- full bass, a little more midrange. Maybe euphonic, but I still preferred it. 
Classe vs McIntosh
Hi Pops,I was just curious about your new amp- did you feel you lost any detail or resolution vs. the solid state classes?