PS Audio or Ayre?

So I'm thinking about getting the BHK signature preamp or, I just read a review on the AyreK5xe preamp. They both seem like great pieces. Anyone have a preference?
I am wondering why I am constantly seeing the BHK amp and preamp for sale on Audiogon?  I am not talking about the dealers selling them, I am talking about actual owners.  If they are that good and I don't doubt it, why always for sale?
It would help to know what equipment you are using, as well as speakers.
A lot depends upon synergy.
I've got an old set of Spectra 22s. Tandberg 3026a power amp. Rotel RC870bx. Rega P3tt.
You also need to look at the company and the people that work for it. I have been very happy with my PS Audio equipment so far. Good luck in what ever you decide.
PS Audio likes to totally changes designs which turns people off.  I have the Perfect wave DAC.  6 Years ago it was perfect.  Now it's a red headed step child.  Direct stream is now more perfect than perfect wave.

Ayre builds on the previous models instead of kicking them to the curb.  With Charles Hansen gone, however, this may change :(