PS Audio GCC-250 - how to take it to "musicality"

I have a PS Audio GCC-250 combined with Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1 speakers. I love so many things about this combination - the GCC-250 is incredibly quiet, and quite neutral. If you have read the Stereophile review of the GCC-100, they talk about "accuracy" versus "musicality" with the GCC-100 being accurate. Having lived with this amp for a while, I tend to agree.

What I would like to do is add a little more "musicality" to my mix. I have tried a few tube amps (like the CJ CAV-50), and liked the improved soundstage, and the way the music sounded like you were there at the performance, BUT at the expense of the accuracy that the PS Audio gives and more background "noise".

I also tried an Audible Illusions 2D preamp - that was interesting. I got a lot of what I was looking for, but felt like quite a bit of the accuracy was veiled.

I am considering a few options:

1. Have this amp Cullen modified to stage 3.

2. Add a preamp that is quiet, yet adds a little musicality.

My goal here - trying to add a little "musicality" to my system, but don't want to lose much of "accuracy" that the PS Audio has.

I would love to get the community's thoughts/advice/suggestions on this.
Do you have your components seated on "footers"? I have done a great deal of tuning in my system varying the type and composition of the footers to dial in more detail or more "musicality" as the need has arisen during the evolution of my system. Herbie's Tenderfeet may help you get where you want to go. They maintain the basic frequency characteristics of your components but smooth out the texture so as to significantly reduce "grain" and "glare". I abhor both of those nasties. You can email Steve Herbelin, tell him about your system and your goals, and he can provide quite sage advice on how you might "tune" your system to get to where you want to be.

A side benefit of the tuning really helps you learn about the true virtues of your components!

Good luck.
Thanks Hifiman5 - trying some footers would probably be a no regrets idea no matter what I do. I appreciate that!
Maybe you're source (DAC, CD or TT) or cabeling could be looked at. I found Purist Audio cables to be very musical in my sustem and you don't need the top of the line, the Museaus is excellent for the money. Deffinately try other tweaks but acoustic tratment goes further than you would ever think. I almost bought a GCC250 but was unsure about the overall musical presentation vs. my Krell integrated so I opted not to take the chance but still wonder what it would sound like, it's to bad PSA stopped making the 250.
Krell1: Let me give you some more info - I am using a Benchmark DAC (unmodified) and an ok (not great) Thorens turntable with a Grado phono preamp. Also I am using Nordost Red Dawn Rev ii for both speaker cables and XLR/RCA interconnects.

Thanks for your thoughts on the cables. Krell is an amp that is famous for its tight control of the woofer. I have had Apogee speakers in the past --- that is a nearly a 100% Krell club. I think there are a lot of similarities between the Krell and PS Audio GCC series. PS Audio GCC has a real grip on the woofer (or woofer panel) as well.
Update: I added a Jeff Rowland Consonance preamp to the PS Audio GCC-250. This has done a lot for me. The soundstage is improved in both width and depth. And the instruments have a lot of air around them and I can hear them distinctly. The midrange is slightly sweeter (similar to tube). And something I am really impressed with, the sonic signature is very minimal which works well with the PS Audio which mercilessly reveals. I still have the accuracy, but have a nice bit of musicality as well. This has given me the best results thus far. I have a good blend here. I will now try some of the suggestions above. Thanks everyone for your input. This Rowland preamp is synergizing really well in my system.