ps audio directstream junior discontinued?

PS Audio has removed the directstream junior. Are the about to introduce a replacement?

we will be saying goodbye to the DSJ once inventory runs out - we ran dry on a couple key components for the DSJ and decided it was time for an upgrade to the Junior. Once Ted finishes the TSS we’ll roll up our sleeves and start working on the next iteration of the DSJ.

The good news is the DSJ will continue to be supported and updated. Anytime DS Senior gets an update, the DSJ will also get one. This is a promise we’re committed to. Ted still has improvements and updates planned for the DS and DSJ, so this will continue as normal.

And a bit of extra good news: we’ll continue our policy of offering great trade-in/trade-up opportunities. If you’ve got a DSJ and want to upgrade to the new model (or to a DS Senior), we’ll make the process as seamless as possible

Thanks for the quick answer. I was feeling that this was coming very unsure about buying a used DSJ now
Thanks for the heads up. I have been eyeing one of these for a while now... Maybe I can grab one at a steep discount. 
What’s the reason Why? How long has it been out?
The DSJ is already sold out in Europe
I didn't even know this product was ever available. I never saw it listed on their website and I've been eyeing their stuff for over a year. I need to read more carefully, I think. 
I've been using a DSJ for nearly a year now and have been extremely happy!  It compares very favorably with the DAC in my Esoteric K-05 CDP.  
I have the Sr now but the DS Jr is far from a mid fi box.  Excellent DAC