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Affordable alternativ to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC
@toolbox149 I am not sure. I don't think so.But I have bought a Orchid dac and going to use that until the new PS Junior are released 
Orchid vs TUBADOUR III - Help me choose
@cal3713 From memory? It's going to be hard because I got a new streamer chain.But I can say that the DirectStream was better but also 6x more expensive. I will still consider a DAC from PS when the new junior are released in 2020.All I can say is... 
Focal Sopra 2's vs Titron GoldenEar Reference speakers
Don't buy any speaker if you cannot try it at home. I know that the speakers are big and heavy but the room as you already said has enormous influence on the sound  
Orchid vs TUBADOUR III - Help me choose
All I can say is wow. I got the Orchid today and have listen to music far too long (: should have been in bed hours ago.My digital chain no consist of NUC with ROCK, Allo DigiOne Signature Player with RoPieee and the Orchid DAC.And I am very happy... 
PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP home theater pass thru - VERY Bad sound
Thanks I am also hearing a buzz. Maybe there are a outputlevel mismatch ? 
Orchid vs TUBADOUR III - Help me choose
It's a little too late, would have loved to read the review. But I just ordered the Orchid.I figured that it was 400$ less and since I couldn't compare them I went for the cheapest one (:But I will read the review if I dare. 
TEAC NT-505 - How good is it?
I started this discussion, and would just like to share what I ended up with (:I bought the Allo DigiOne Signature and the Orchid DAC. I also jumped the roon wagon with a NUC ROCK and a lifetime membership.I am waiting for the DAC so all of this b... 
Computer to DAC Streamer
I have a NUC with ROCK and a RPi with Allo Signature connecting to my DAC. There are many used NUCs. I bought mine used powerfull enough for DSP and MQA unfolding 
AQ-SWITCH SE - Network setup
Hi thanks for a detailed explanation. Ubiquiti UniFi is wifi 
Orchid vs TUBADOUR III - Help me choose
Hi @teajay your are just the person I wanted an opinion from (:I took a big chance for importing the Tekton DI to Denmark and paid 1/3 extra to get them here. It was the right decision. Tired of mainstream speakers with 6" woofers and a tweeter.I ... 
Another new DAC: Audio Mirror
Has anyone compared the T3 with a Chord Qutest or Hugo 2? 
Another new DAC: Audio Mirror
Any update on the T3? I want to know if it have a good grip on the bass. It scores low on bass in the review.My system needs a smoother midrange, some sparkl... 
Chord Qutest - would you buy it again?
I have been listen to the RME ADI2 DAC for a couple of days comparing it with my Cambridge Audio Azure N851.The ADI-2 has more air but voices could really need some warmth. Don't think I will keep it. 
"You cannot handle the truth"
Sometimes I get very disappoint about a pice og gear. If I dont like after a week or two I sell it. 
Affordable alternativ to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC
Hi @lukaske95 Thanks for the tip.I have just got "burned" on a pair of Tekton Design DI. Ordered them without trying them out at home. It was not possible not dealers in Denmark.But I have promised myself that I only will buy product that I can au...