PS Audio Digital Link III - USB Input Worthless?


I own the PS Audio Digital Link III DAC (aka DLIII). I read on another forum (one I don't always trust) that this DAC was one of the first 'bargain' DACs to have a USB input and it's an inferior input compared to the newer USB inputs.

Just wondering if anyone has heard the same thing. I always thought USB would be the best connection from a MacBook Pro to the DLIII, but now I'm wondering if I should go digital. Or even use a USB --> Digital converter?

use a USB/SPDIF converter. I own the DLIII and its optical and digital coax inputs do better than the USB, when connecting the USB directly to a computer. I use a V-link in my USB signal path, which brought the sound quality up. I now feel the sound is a little too forward, but this is probably system dependent.
IMHO, running music off my laptop through the V-link to the DLIII sounds a little better than using my CD changer as a transport, but just a little, the difference is not tremendous.
I loved my DLIII even better when I added a HiFace USB>Coax converter. Inexpensive and the new one is asynchronous and sounds great.