Proton NT-2760 TV

I'm very close to buying a 27" Proton, the picture is excellent. My question is, Any Proton owners out there. Any pros & cons on Protons. It's $860 bucks, which is kind of high for a 27" television.

I'm not a Proton owner, but I've seen this TV in operation at a local shop. The picture was very good; better on standard NTSC material than my $3700 30" 16:9 Loewe. DVD is better on the Loewe, which displays 520p via a very good quality internal line doubler, but for watching cable or OTA, I preferred the picture on the Proton. The've been around for quite a while and their TVs have always been very good.
I owned a Proton TV for 8 years. It is very reliable machine and very good picture quality.
I've had a 32" proton for 15 years. It's the best tube I've ever seen. (I still see no great atvantage to HDTV over the Proton) There are only a few tube manufacturers (I heard three) in the world who supply all the TV tubes. The Proton is made by Hatatchi (sp?) and is the only TV using this super expensive tube. I had to have all my solder joints re-soldered this past year due to extensive use, that's the only problem I've had. It's a great picture, and the price you quote is very fair.
I Own a 36" proton and it is fabulous. The black levels and resolution on DVD are incredible. The sublte hues in colors are superb and the auido section is much better than the standard Japanese units (this company spawned from NAD) I've had it for a year and it's very reliable. I used to sell these in a hi end audio store when I was in college in the mid 80's. QUality piece, worth the extra money.
I chose the sony xbr wega over the proton. I just felt it had the best ntsc picture i had every seen. These are individual choices to be sure - they are both great sets.Get lots of compliments on it. Mine is the older xbr 250 36".

The new 400 & 450 are even better - they support HDTV right out of the box. I think I'd buy another Wega again. YMMV