Processor & Amps for B&W

Hi there,
I have b&w nt 804, 805, htm2 as speakers. movie/music 50/50 use.
Now thinking about having Rotel rsp 1068 and don't know about amps yet.

First processor, is it worth to go for higher priced brand like krell or lexicon, etc.

Then amps, should I get multichannel amps? or go for comination of stereo amps (2 stereo + 1 mono)?

I really appreciate for the great comments from members.

Rotel has a couple of new processors. The 1098 has the cirrus logic 32 bit dsp engine and led screen on the face to facilitate easy a-v parameter control without linking to a monitor while the 1068 is without the screen but considerably cheaper. A good Rotel amp match might be going with the 1090 2 channel amp for the mains and the 1095 5 channel for center and surrounds . This setup would cover you if you go 7 channel . Is it worth spending considerably more to move to escoteric processors?? Thats a loaded question . The Rotel gear is good , sepecially for the money.
By far the best bang for the buck for what you are doing is the Proceed Avp-s, i have the exact same speakers as you and use it in conjunction with a Linar 250 amp and a B&K multichannel amp, this combination sounds fantastic in 2 channel as well as surround in home theater.
I have done vast amounts of cabling and cd/dac work in 2 channel and im really not dissapointed!

Let me know if you have any questions.
I'm thinking of an AVP-s/AMP5, which is on offer ex-dem in the UK. Having listened to many current competitors, I keep coming back to the Proceed for it's glorious 2 channel sound, and large enveloping HT.
Of course, the situation with Proceed is not good. Have you had any problems with the AVP, and have you found yourself wishing you had Prologic II, DTS Neo etc etc

Thanks for your thoughts

Motozine , the Krell you asked about is a stable amp capable of solid performance into low ohm loads. I would have that unit checked thoroughly before buying. I would see if an audition is possible as well as some older Krell gear is on the analytical side of the yin / yang . This may or may not expose problems or incompatabilities in your system. Dont discount the Rotel amp - preamp combination .
On a final note. Ideally , the front three amp channels especially would benifit greatly by being the same. This is important if multichannel is in your future. I suggested the large ,powerful Rotel for the mains for dedicated 2 channel listening.