Processor Advice


I am currently running a Denon 3808 as a "Processor" and outputting to an Emotive XPA-5 for the amplification (an XPA-2 may soon join this mix). My speakers are all B&W 6-series (683s, 684s, htm-61) and my sub is a PV-1. Given this setup and my itchy upgrade-itis, what level of processor would you recommend I move to--to hear a notable difference to my 3808? Will a Rotel RSP-1570 be a good move, or do I need to move to something along the lines of an Arcam 888 to reach the next level? I'd like to keep HDMI 1.3 & Video Upscaling, but add improved sound quality and the option for a second sub. Any recommendations with rationale would be most welcome. If I am honest, I'm happy with my current setup...but am ready to try for more. I'll be auditioning some options soon...

I was also looking for a new processor a few months ago as an upgrade from my Rotel RSP-1066 and for home theater use. I was primarily looking for a processor that could offer much better detailed sound from my home theater, video upscaling was a secondary factor and didn't really matter since I'm extremely happy with the video upscaler in an Oppo BDP-83 player. I contemplated getting a newer Rotel, Integra 80.1, Marantz 8003, Classe SSP-800, Anthem AVM50v, or Arcam AV888, and decided on the Arcam AV888; couldn't be happier with it! It sounds excellent in my 5.1 home theater with B&W 805's, haven't tried it in 2-channel yet. Very natural voices and sound, excellent detail comes through, involving, dynamic, etc. I think the only other better option at a slightly higher price would be the Classe SSP-800, which I've read is even better if using for 2-channel a lot. If you wanted to go lower in price, then the Marantz or Integra would probably be the way to go from what I've read, haven't heard them personally.
Thanx Rxlarry99...I had read your thread and am also considering some of the same options (80.1, SSP-800 & 888). Nice to hear your feedback on the 888. I think I just need to start testing/listening. I did get an interesting offer on an older Arcam AV9...any experience there? I would lose some tech, but gain some sound definition...
I never heard the AV9, but it had nice reviews. I was able to get a discount on my AV888 and its new. Try to negotiate with your local dealers, since the economy and sales have been slower, most are willing to work out a discount to keep you as a customer and make a sale. I wouldn't pay full retail price in this market.
Hi guys - FWIW, until recently I was using a Marantz SR7002 to drive B&W685/686/HTM2/ASW608, and the setup always sounded too dark for my tastes.