Need recomendations on Pre-Amp / processor

I currently have a Chiro C800 Pre-Amp aith DTS decoder. I use the system for home theater and 2 channel stereo. The stereo portion is very important to me and I'm looking for an upgrade to my Chiro.

The rest of my system is: Krell 5 ch amp, Sony DVD, Dunlavy SCIVA and HRCC speakers.

Thanks for your help. Looking for something on the used market that can do DTS AC3 and the future?
Hi Kwb,

I would recommend looking at a used EAD Theatermaster signature or ovation. It is an awesome 2channel preamp and does AC-3 and DTS very well.

Just my 2cents, Brian
Your best choice, at this stage of things, is the Aragon Soundstage!..if you only need 5 channel (not 7)! It has as clean a surround processor as it gets, has dirrect analog bypass for 2 channel purrity to all inputs, and, the very very very invaluable ADVANCED BASS MANAGEMENT feature!!! Especially with your Dunlavy SCIVa's, this is an extremely usefull feature to you! I've sold the Dunlavy's for years, and can say undoubtably, that the SCIVa's, even though they paly down to 20hz, CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT handle full range digital Dolby or DTS soundtracks!!!...cannot! They should be high pass filtered at a higher point! This is where the Advanced bass mgmt feature comes in very very handy! On the Aragon Soundstage (like on the Lexicon's, Anthems, Acurus, Theta(?), etc), you can configure those SCIVa's about a 50-60hz crossover, and filter the rest to a more apptly cappable subwoofer!!!
I know it's tempting to forgo the subs, and just use the Dunlavy's full range. However, it really is much much better, stronger, more dynamic, and undistorted, when you configure the speakers as a bit smaller, and the subs engaged!!!! If you simply use a pre-pro with "small" setting for those mains, you'll miss out on a lot of quality bass info from the speakers!
Anyway, if you absolutely don't want to use the Advanced Bass Management features, and just go fullrange with em, then one to look at strongly is the new Classe SSP30! It's as clean as can be, has dirrect analog throug, and I think is 7 channel! It's really as good of a surround processor sonically as there don't need to pay more!
The new Anthem AVM20 look's promissing, with all the above mentioned features (and 7 channel), but I can't speak for the Quality control, or sound quality!'s too new. Good luck
The EAD Theatermaster also has advanced bass management, and as was said before outstanding 2-channel sound (and great multi-channel sound as well). It also has all the analog bass throughs you could ever need.
I would try to hear the EAD Ovation and Sig also-it is a wonderful pre-amp and DAC.The digital fly-wheel works.
I had Chiro C-802 before then bought an EAD Signature to replace it. Much much better. EAD Signature does a really good job in decoding DVD and especially excellent in 2-channel audio. I compared it with my BAT VK-5i tube preamp and EAD has nothing to be ashamed. Wonderful 2-channel audio.