Proceed AVP Video Switching Problem?

My AVP-S doesn't seem to send Video Out to any of the Component Video outport ports, except for the 1st one. Is there a trick to set up or is the video switching broken? Manual is no help ...
I assume you mean composite video outports? Tell me how you have it connected and how you have it programmed. For example video in on video 1 composite signal, video 2 svhs with svhs vcr, etc.
Oops! Yes, I mean Composite Video output ports. I only have 2 inputs - Disk1 for DVD and VCR1 for the VCR. Both of them output fine to the main port (i.e. 1st port). When I connect a 2nd TV to the 2nd or any of the other Composite video ports, there is no signal.
I got the answer from Proceed Tech Support. The path "remote" or "both" option on the front panel needs to be turned on, for simultaneous video on all out ports. Default switches video to only the "main" port.