Proceed amp-5 vs. Bryston 9bst

Hello fellow listeners,
I recently "upgraded" from a Bryston 9bst to a Proced amp-5 and I have got to say, I think I like the Bryston much better. Anyone else have any such experiences?
My system consists of Revel Performa F-30's, C-30 center channel and S-30 surrounds (thus the change to The Proceed for "compatibilty" in same manufacturer's lines .
I also have a Proceed AVP-s, alpha core ic's and speaker cable and an mmf-25 cd player.
Would be interested to get other's take on this as I am now considering selling the Amp-5 to get 3 Bryston 3bst's (for a little more money of course.)
I would try the Proceed HPAs first. The amp 5 is not as robust. An HPA3 on the front and 2's or amp2s on the might be a happier selection.
Exact same experience. I think the Bryston is clearly a better amp. Cleaner and better in the midrange.