Bryston 7B3 Monoblocs?

Has anyone listened to the new Bryston 7B3 monoblocs. I'd like to hear your opinions (good or bad). Thinking about pairing them up with Focal Sopra 2 (Very Revealing (but GREAT Sounding)) speakers. Another option I was thinking about was to add a Bryston Bit 20 line conditioner to my current Bryston 7BST's. Appreciate any feedback.

I have the 7bsst2 amps powering B&W 802d left and right and Htm1d center.  My brother has the 7bsst amps powering the same speakers.

Do you really think the 7B3 amps are gonna be that much different?

What would a line conditioner do? I am new to this so just asking.
Wow, The B&W and the Focal are two completely different types of speakers.  I would think the Bryston would mate well with the B&W, but it may be too much for the Focal.  I would think you'd want something warmer or more "Class A" for the Focal speakers.  What do you currently have for amp?
Hi Todd & Aux,

I'm currently running Bryston 7Bst's. I love the detail. The Focal Sopra 2's are Soooooo clean. I'm just thinking that the since the 7Bst's are near the end of their 20 year warranty....AND.... the 7B3's are supposingly cleaner I thought it was just more of what I already like. As far as line conditioning goes....I looked into the Bryston Bit 20 instead of replacing the amps but Bryston tells me the Bit 20 technology is built into the new 7B3's where as the 7Bst's do not have it so I thought I would be getting a "Bit" more bang for the buck. Opinions are highly appreciated.

BTW... The sopra 2's are incrediable! If they went down in the 25Hz area I would have found my perfect speaker! (The Sopra 3's go only 1Hz deeper)