Problem Recording with EAC

When trying to write to a CD-R using EAC, and after ejecting the original disc, I insert a blank disc, press the WRI button, select "Load CUE Sheet" from the File menu and then select "Write CD" from the CD-R menu. The program begins to write for about 4 seconds, then displays the following error msg window. . .

"Write error!
Write blocks:
Logical unit not ready, long write in progress"

Can anyone explain what is happening, and how I can correct this problem?

I don't know what's going on there. I recommend Feurio for burning audio discs. It's excellent and free.
I always use an external program with EAC, Nero in this instance.

Would you please be more specific as to how you use Nero with EAC. I'm unfamiliar with this program, but do have a friend who is using it. How does it work in conjunction with EAC? And why would this solve the problem? Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm a newbee to CD ripping.

After I process the files with EAC, I open Nero and select "make an audio CD". Afterwards, I drag and drop the files from the folder that I put the processed file into (making sure to put them in the order I want). I also find it best to click "remove spaces between tracks" just in case some of the tracks run together. And then burn baby burn. I don't know why it works, it's a computer.