Problem after using a CD laser lens cleaner . . .

I was rearranging my CD collection two nights ago and ran across an old Milty CD laser lens cleaner in my rack. It has been sitting for years and I didn't have any liquid for it, but I checked and the brushes were still soft and flexible.

I used it once when I first bought it in the CD player that I had at the time, but I don't remember whether or not I used the liquid with it. I put it in my CD player and ran it through it's paces as the instructions said, but just with the dry brushes.

When I took it out, I noticed that the surface of the disc had a lot of light scratches on it. I then noticed that the system wasn't sounding as clear and distinct as it did before. I also suddenly had a excessive amount of bass.

Finally, this morning, I took the CD that I played all night out of the player before going to work. When I closed the drawer, the player kept trying to load. It never came back with the 'No Disc' message and I couldn't get the tray to open back up.

I unplugged it and let it sit for a minute before plugging it back in. It came back up still trying to load, but I was finally able to get the tray to open. I closed it and when it tried to load, it took longer than usual. It did eventually realize that there wasn't a CD in the tray and displayed the 'No Disc' message.

Someone at work suggested that one or more bristles from one of the brushes may have come off and are on the lens. I'm wondering if it's that, or did I maybe scratch the lens.

Does anyone have any experience with this and a solution, or does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

Try using compressed air. I would start by using it from about 3 inches away from the cd drawer and get progressively closer.

I do not think the soft brushes would scratch a glass optical lense. They are really quite durable. I have a 20 year old Sony ES that still works like new and I use a dry brush cleaner from Memorex. YMMV


Thanks, I'll try the compressed air. I really hope that you're right, and it does sound logical, that the brushes wouldn't have scratched the lens. That makes me feel a lot better.

Krellman and Tom, an fyi -- I just posted in another OP that ARC recommends using a camel hair photo lens brush to dust off the laser lens in their CDPs.


Thank you. The air seemed to work this time. I'll keep the brush in mind too for any future cleanings. It's not that big of a deal to take off the top of the player. I think I've learned my lesson about the CDs with the attached brushes, although it seemed like a good idea.

Glad to see you got thing up and running again. It is always a pain and a little scary when are equipment acts up.