Proac Response D25 match with low power tube amp

Can a 14w Unison Research Preludio tube int amp drive the proac d25? anyone try using low power tube int amp with proac response d25 before? Asking this question because the proac official website say the speaker is so efficient that it can sounds good driven by amp as low as 10w.
Much depends on room size and listening distance.You might be surprised what 10W is capable of.Of course,the 1st watt is the most important.
My local dealer carries ProAc. About two weeks ago he was showing the D28 driven by the new Audio Research integrated VSi60. Very Nice!
I drive my Response 2.5s most satisfactorily with 14W of 300B SET. If the sensitivity and impedance haven't changed too much with the revision of the speaker, it should be just fine.
Yes, the Proacs will work - I was very close to purchasing the Studio 140's myself, until I found my Klipsch Cornwalls... you will get a great sound out of them driven with a low-powered tube amp.