ProAc Response D Two vs Usher Be-718

Which monitor speaker would you choose for a 12' x 14' room using a 200W solid state power amp?
I am wondering the very same thing. I have a set of the D Twos on the way and am thinking Usher next if the Proac doesn't satisfy. I also really like the sound of the Proac Tablette 2000s which is what has me wanting to hear futher up the line. Another one to consider would be the Focus FS 68se. I just couldn't get them to move enough air in my 18x26 room, but in a smaller room with lesser electronics they were fantastic and very good looking well made speakers too.
Can't say much between the Usher and ProAc...never heard the Proac. Just writing to say that the Ushers work very well in my room that is of similar proportions...12 x 16. 200 watts is also very good...they need lots of power...I run 200 watts and it is night and day compared to previously using 125 watt amp. I am curious about more, but I have heard enough systems to know 200 is close to right for these guys.
hi, i have both Proac D Two and BE-718. Proac speakers in general are too forward, tweeter can be a little bright..Ursher Be-718 almost spot on!! One of the BEST tweeter money can buy...slight warmish mid -bass...musical sounding...