Proac Response 2 Subwoofer

I am cosidering adding subwoofer(s) to my system to see if that gives me the more full bodied sound I am looking for with this system.

My specific question is whether to buy an older REL Storm/Strata or the newer T-1. They are both available used (Storm/Strata) or closeout (T-1) for about $500 each.

I have not decided whether to add one or two. I am also open to suggestions for another brand, but I have seen great reviews and comments on the REL brand. I don't want to spend more than about $500 for each speaker.

I have searched and read the other postings about subwoofers with my speakers, but I am looking for some advice as much on point as possible.

You can see my system and room in the system link. I am currently using the Quicksilver amp and preamp.

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.

Jim Perry
Add two, as recommended by Jim Smith of 'Better Sound' fame. I use two NHT units with ProAc's (140 & 1SC's) have have been very pleased. It did take awhile to get the balance right but that is part of the 'tweak' life in audio.
Thanks Buconero. What NHT models did you use?
Before you do anything
Make sure you remove the unused speakers from the listening room
try one pair at a time then take a listen.
It also looks like your room has no nics or nacs in it.
normal furnishings plants etc will also help
Cheers JohnnyR

Thanks for your advice. The floorstanding speakers are gone now and the Harbeth speakers will also be gone as soon as I sell them.

I might try a couple of silk plants next to the wall at the first reflection point.

Jim Perry