Proac+Cary and Accuphase or Esoteric CD

I intend to buy Cary 211AE Power amp with Cary SLP-05 Pre (second hand).
I already have Proac Response 2.5 loudspeakers.
What would you think of a digital front end to use with this system? Accuphase DP-500 or Esoteric X-03SE.
Since the accuphase is a "WARM" sounding cd player would it be too much of a good thing since this system is already on a warm side.
In addition what cables should have a high synergy with the above system.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Why not buy a Cary CDP? You can select tubed or solid state output, and upsample. The best of all worlds. I love my Cary!
I'd buy a Cary CDP. The equipment is obviously voiced together and the synergy will be amazing. BTW, I have the same amps and pre and I use the new Cary 306 SACD player with it but I can tell you that the older 306/200 would also sound great.
both the accuphase dp500 and x-03 are awesome players.
X-03 is detailed, with tight extended bass.
DP500 wins in the midrange department and the orderliness of the sound.It is warm but not overly warm to the point that details disappear. it has enough details not to be missed out.
If you can audition both , it would be awesome as you would have a hard time picking which of the two you would buy.
Oferk, I have the SLP-05 and CAD-211. In my previous system I ran these with the ProAc D38. I can tell you right now that this is a beautiful combination and is sure to make you very happy.

I am using a Cary CD-306 SACD player, which IMO is a very good match in this system. I have heard Accuphase - while this is very good, I do not think its particular combination of qualities would suit your system very well. The SLP-05 and CAD-211AE are already midrange heavy, and the Accuphase would give you too much midrange warmth. Even with the Cary I had to spend a lot of time rolling tubes to get the sound I wanted.

Of the two CDP's you have nominated, I would probably lean towards the Esoteric. But really you should consider the Cary - it is very good!
Thank you for the information. I consider of buying the Accuphase or the Esoteric, besides their sonic attributes, because that both companies design and make the CD transport themselves. I have seen a few complaints of users of Cary CD players about the reliability of the Cary CDP’s (not sure that it was about the 306 also). Anyhow I will check that CD player as well.
Could I ask you what cables did you use in your previous system with the Proac D38? And if I may ask why did you sell the Proac and bought a different one.
I also have the Cary 211's and the SLP-05 (mated to Vandersteen 3A Sigs). I used to have a Cary 306 SACD player (original version) but sold it mostly because I was worried about its longevity. I think this has been addressed with the new SACD 306 Professional version (for a higher price). The Cary is a very fine CD/SACD player. I replaced mine with a Marantz SA11-S2 which I like even more than the Cary (for lots less $$ too). Very musical player.
Oferk you are quite right, the major downside of the original Cary CD-306 was the transport. Mine had two annoyances - it would intermittently eat a disc - I had to fish the disc out with some bent wire. The other problem is that the tray sometimes got stuck and failed to eject. The first problem is no longer an issue, but the transport still occasionally fails to eject.

With my previous ProAc D38 system I was using Osborn speaker cable (Australia only). I sold the ProAc because my current speaker is even better :)
Hi. I've owned the DP500 for a year and would not at all describe it as overly warm, nor midrange heavy. A more apt description would be it is by and large neutral and balanced, with a slight touch of warmth. My DP500 replaced a CAL Alpha-Delta system - now that is warm and midrange heavy.