Pro Logic vs. Dolby Digital, DTS etc

I would be interested in input about the relative merits of these formats. I now have a Mac C39 with ProLogic built in and as yet, have not actually used. Will now take a DVD (Elite DV 37) and wonder if i should spend thousands going to a new preamp-processor just to get DD or DTS.
I'm not sure what your running, but in my experience, the jump from Pro Logic to DD was immense. The next jump to DTS is hearable, but not that dramatic. Almost any Pre you buy now will do both. The Elite 37 is a heck of a good DVD. I'm getting one myself. I would think if you are spending that much on A/V (DVD), it would not make sense to stick with Pro Logic. You could of saved a bunch and just got a Sony 360 DVD.. Hope that helps..
I agree with Ronin. Big jump from Prologic to DD. Full range with distinct channels and a dedicated LF effects channel. Not much software for DTS. If you wanted to save some bucks could get a good deal on DD only unit. Also note that if you are thinking of geting satellite, there are good prices available on DD sat receivers.
Are dolby surround regular TV signals pro-logic ???
Personally, I think the difference between dolby Pro Logic and Dolby digital are about the same as the difference between old cassettes and new Cd's. Your VCR will turn out to be one of your least used pieces of A/V gear in your system! WELL worth the investment, you'll be a convert in no time! And yes, Sugarbrie I believe its the same signal. Later.....
My two cents - One thing all responses have forgot is that you are using the McIntosh Pre/Pro. The C-39/MX-130 decodes prologic as well or better than most. Going to a lesser expensive DD preamp will NOT necessarily provide better quality decoding. One option, if you like McIntosh (as I do) would be to sell your C39 (about $1,200) and put those funds towards the McIntosh MAC-3 OR the MDS-4 and buy the MVS-3 for your switching.
Nbt makes a good point, but since I have older C39 (not a 39-6) I understand I would lose some front panel functions using MAC3 or MVS-3. Know anything about the MX 132. Gobs of $, but if I unloaded the C39 and the Accuphase T109 Tuner maybe I could spring for the diff if this unit is really worth it. Also, I am east coast - know good MAC outlet who might have a used 132 is this is a good unit?
Prehaps you should look at a Vantas product that turnes your Pro Logic to DD. I think you can get 1 for 200-400 bucks at the most. See if you like it. It may do the trick.
Sugarbrie- my understanding is that dolby surround was first generation technology (no center channel), Pro-logic second generation (center channel carries dialog and most info, surrounds are not discrete and with limited freq. response) and DD is third generation (5 discrete, full range channels plus LFE, thus 5.1) A big step up from one generation to the next. DTS is typically considered "better" but it is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Not sure what the difference would be between a "good" prologic and a mediocre DD unit would be. Since my HT is discrete from my audio system, I have not gone hi-end for the audio aspects of that system. However, I noticed a big difference between the pro logic on my NAD to the DD on my Yamaha. Broimp, if your Mac has the right jack set, many DVD players provide DD/DTS signal decoding which could be fed to your Mac.
Swampwalker - The Mac does not have 6 inputs. Would have to buy a processor, where I understand (from Mac) that I will lose a number of front panel functions. Could maybe trade for a C-39-6, but would still need a high quality processor, then one starts to wonder if it isn't better to start with a proper Surround/Preamp, take the one time cost hit and be done with it. We do want high end audio and HT all in one place. Thanks for your input and any other thoughts you might have.