Pro-Ject Debut III Tube Box II or BELLARI - VP129

Hello board:
So, to use with a Pro-Ject Debut III
Pro-Ject Tube Box II or BELLARI - VP129
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Ed :-)
Bellari, only allows MM carts.
Are you using the stock cartridge or something else? Very nice system by the way.
Im using the stock cartridge
Or even use Pro-Ject Phono Box II that would be Ok?
Personally, unless you intend to upgrade the cartridge very quickly, and assuming that you have a budget of only $250.00, I would buy the Audio Technica AT440MLa cartridge and a less expensive phono pre. A used Musical Fidelity X-LP or even a Creek would keep you in the price range. If you only want to buy new, the NAD or Parasound are nice pieces.
No plans to change the cartdrige,
ok less expensive phomo preamp sound good
I own the Bellari w/Project Debut II. It sounds great but took a lot of fiddling with to reduce hum. I've heard they fixed this issue with newer production, however.
The cartridge is pretty bad; don't waste your money on the Tube Box or Bellari. The NAD, Creek, Parasound, all around, or under, $100.00 will do the trick quite nicely.
Newbie here, but wanted to make my firs post here in the Analog forum.

I think you'll benefit greatly by getting the TubeBox. I've played with a couple of $100ish phono pre before getting the P-J TB. Now I've upgraded to a better tube phono-pre, but sometimes I wish I had kept it. I'm certain that it will improve your sound to another level.

Also, you will have alot more options on your future cart. It makes more sense to me to upgrade the phono-stage before your Ortofon, unless this next purchase is going to be your last.