Bellari VP-129

Just hooked mine up,so far so good. Has anyone out there tried different
12ax7's. If so which brand sounds the best. Any other feedback from you
Bellari users would be appreciated.
Telefunkin ECC83/12AX7 will be an improvement if you can find them under $50.00! I use a 1.5 amp regulated power supply ($50.00) that improve the bass also over the original anemic power supply! I can look into where I got the power supply last year if you are interested! Happy listening! Zaw
So far, I've liked tung-sol, elite, and EH best. See what works best for your preamp-amp, and most importantly, for your music.
Keep spinning....
Zawwin,I am interested.How did you arrive at 1.5 amps, would bigger be better?
Where did you purchase the power supply? Thank's for the tip's.
I've heard good things about the Bellari, but I would personally find it hard to spend $100 or so for some really great NOS 12AX7 and then pop it in a $200 phono amp. But that's just me.
I'm currently listening to my 129 with an EI 12AX7-a dramatic improvement over the no-name tube that came with it. In fact, I was about to dump the 129 until I started rolling new tubes into it-so far, I have tried just the EI 12AX7 and the JJ/Tesla ECC83S, both of which sound very nice and are good enough to make me want to keep it and do some more tests. Both tubes I tried sound fantastic with guitar and vocals, which makes sense since they are also preferred for many guitar amplifiers. The 129 also has 8 pin DIP sockets for the opamp driver stages (there are 4 dual Rolm opamps-2 per channel), so I may try to "roll" some new opamps into that front end to see how that affects the sound-a lower noise front end can only improve the already great sound.