Pricing for Clipper 312 Cabasse speakers

I'm looking to sell a set of Clipper 312 Cabasse speakers. These speakers are in excellent condition, in there original wood casing.

Unfortunately, the flyer I have is in French, but here's what I'm able to glean:
Each casing has 3 speakers
Tweeter - 2.5cm
Loud Speaker (middle speaker) - 5.5cm
Woofer - 30cm
(I hope these names are correct)

I think the output is 775 watts and the amplifier is 320 watts.

I appreicate any and all help in this matter.
Any idea what these should fetch on the used speaker market?

Thank you.
You can try either of these free translation services:



As one of the free services states:
Our free text translator is ideal for getting the gist of foreign text
Sometimes, the translation is more intelligible if you copy and paste only a paragraph at a time. If you don't have a scanner to copy the document, Kinko's should be able to copy it to a CD-Rom (if it is a lengthy manual). Good luck! And remember that 2.54 cm = 1 inch (or 25.4 mm = 1 inch)