Anyone ever hear the Cabasse Baltics?

Sure they look like big eyeballs, but I am curious if anyone has any experience with them? Thanks in advance.
yeah baby, they are the best kept secret in high-end speakers. it's like walking into a night club with your favorite jazz band playing. completely free boxless sound that makes you forget about the electronics and just enjoy the music. it may be the last speaker you ever buy. as a bonus they also come with a lifetime warranty!
Thanks 3dman. Can you tell me the context in which you heard them? What did the system consist of? Lastly, what speakers have you heard or owned to compare them to?
hello dolphin, I heard them in a condo (med sized room) with poor set-up, stock power cords, decent interconnects and speaker cables. the front end was cal audio labs cd player, 30 watt stereo tube amp, $3000, and jadis preamp. these speakers had much more potential that this system was able to give them but I was still fully engaged in the sound! I did bring along some tweeks with me which had dramatic effects on the sound. with a better amp, great power cords and proper ac line treatment these speakers will leave you speechless!!