How good are Cabasse loudspeakers

I heard these speakers are amazing for there price. The XO System in a box. They were at the CES show. Did anybody here these please comment.
A buddy of mine has the newest baltics with matching subs. AMAZING sound!!!! Its just a matter of time before Cabasse catches fire in the US. If you would like, send me an e-mail and I will forward it to my buddy so you can speak directly.
Any feedback on Cabasse XO? I'm not sure whether to get this or go for KEF 2005. Any comments?
Go for the question. Superior detail and imaging.
The Cabasse Artis Kara's were in my opinion were the best of show at the 2003 CES in SF this year. A friend and I kept giong into the Cabasse room to hang around and listen.

It would be hard to talk my wife into the giant eyeball look, however, at 14K they were a steal.

I get Eye Sores just looking at them! Does make me wonder how they sound though,but so do Kharma's!
I second Michael's observation about the Kara at the CES in SF. I went back to their show room again and again.

The Cabasse Kara powered by the revolutionary Butler mono blocks were utterly convincing. Of course, the cavernous room bolstered the great performance.

I am the proud owner of arguably the best panel speaker ever made. The Cabasse exhibited all that I like about panel speakers, but with more authority.
I just purchased cabasse xo 5.1 system,& hoping to have it installed by next week... I went to the store to get the RBH ct5.1 which were alot less... they sold me on the cabasse... big mistake????
If they "sold" you on the Cabasse, then I guess you are sold on them! Why else would you buy them? I'll be curious, as a Cabasse owner, to hear your views once they are installed.
The Cabasse iOs are a better bet. The XO is the entry level setup. With the IO, you get much better coherence. Of course the ultimate would be the Baltics.
I have an XO system , even if they are considered entry level they blow away bose,i have never heard such a warm sound like them since the ancient JBL L 40 or L60 ies ,if you are considering to buy them go ahead,you will not regret every dime you have spent on it . In fact there are some on sale on this site at the moment .
Cabasse !!!!!!!!!! are the Rolls Royce of speakers