Precision Fidelity C7/A Revised: Denon DL103R

I am using a Pickering cartridge with 5mV output and a PF C7A preamplifier. The cartridge has very high gain through this preamplifer, so I am wondering if the Precision Fidelity can handle the lower output 0.25mV output of the Denon 103R without using a step-up. Right now the sound is quite loud even at a quarter of the volume setting on the preamp. Thanks for your help.
I believe that I sold that preamp to you. Among others, I used it with a Denon 103D and a 103, both with the Denon AU-320 transformer with 10X gain. That brings the output of the cartridge up to around 2.5mv. I had no problems with either of these cartridges used in this way, volume controls were typically around 10 o'clock.

I did not like going straight in because of the noise and a brightness in the frequency response, but this stuff is so user and system dependedent that you might as well try it.

Feel free to contact me off board if you need anything.
Thank you for the help! Yes you did sell the PF to me and it continues performing beautifully. Thank you.