Precision Fidelity C/7A Revised v. FM Acoustics

Just wondering if anyone could give a sense of how a Precision Fidelity C/7A Revised with updated V-Caps and Cardas RCA Jacks would compare to an FM Acoustics FM222 phono stage. We have a C/7A Revised running a Basis Ovation, and the Precision Fidelity does so many things beautifully and so little if anything amiss. I have listened to the Boulder Phono Stage and while very good, I do not think that it is light years ahead of the Precision Fidelity, though it is better. On the other hand, I'm not so sure that the FM Acoustics FM222 would far out-class the Precision Fidelity.
a real pity that nobody have an answer ...

I am personnally very intrigued by the brand FM acoustics, does it really sounds better in an A/B comparison

to come back to the subject here: how does the FM 222 compares to the Mark Levinson 25 or the AR Ref 2 for example ?
I do not own a FM 222 but i do have a FM 122. All i can say is fantastic in the context of complete FM systems. Honest and real. The interconnect is very important. My experience tell me you only get 60% out of the performance if you use other I/C. Phono stage from Bluelectric model PH1 is also fantastic. It is a tube/transistor unit. I have very good result from them. Very quite.