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Review: Shure M97xE Cartridge
The M97xE is as fast as you could possibly want with great detail and accuracy of musical timbre. Thanks for a thorough, meticulous review. This is one of the primary reviews that helped me make an informed choice on purchasing the Shure M97xE. T... 
Classe DR-15 amplifier compared to Classe Dr-9
The thread is from quite some time ago, but adding some input for those who arrived here through an internet search looking to research or purchase a DR-15 or DR-9.  Adjectives such as "speed" and "fast" when discussing amplifiers, speakers, or ca... 
A.J. Conti of Basis Audio has passed away.
God Bless AJ.Over the past several years, when our child has come into our audio room inquiring about the Ovation's various parts and mechanics, I've reminded him "Be careful with Uncle AJ's instrument.  He won't be happy if anything happens to it... 
Threshold S/500 Series II optical bias and Wolcott Presence on Sound Labs
Once again thank you.  The Stereophile article is really thorough on the Sound Lab load characteristics.  I am not well versed in engineering, physics, and associated acoustical metrics: so, it will likely take me a couple of months to really unde... 
Threshold S/500 Series II optical bias and Wolcott Presence on Sound Labs
Thanks for the suggestion George:  The amplifier had the renown Jon Soderberg updates done to it.  It really is a great and legendary piece of engineering, period. 
CAT SL1 Signature, How does it measure up ?
Quite the contrary: You really do have a great system (the Coincident Dragons are considered to be amongst the best of the best) and from what I've heard about the CAT, you really can't go wrong -- It would partner with your system with great syne... 
What is the best phono preamp you have heard?
Threshold fet-10/PC with e power supply. 
Can a variac be used to maintain constant voltage?
Thanks all for your informative input. I guess a variac is simply not suitable for my purposes so I am selling it. 
Can a variac be used to maintain constant voltage?
On a related point what is the difference between a variac and an autotransformer (which is what I have)? Thanks. 
Can a variac be used to maintain constant voltage?
My own reason for having this variac in the first place is that prior to the Threshold, I was using a pair of vintage vacuum tube monoblocks running 8 el34's per side: when turned on the amps would spike to the maximum level as gauged by their amm... 
Can a variac be used to maintain constant voltage?
So, if an ordinary variac does not maintain voltage at its fixed setting, what is the purpose of using such a variac, i.e. is it simply to revive an old amp from storage for instance by slowly increasing the voltage to nominal levels? 
Perreaux Preamps
Thank for your input and guidance gentleman. I have decided to rather go with a Conrad Johnson Motif MC-7. 
Forsell Statement Who and what are they?
Dr. Forsell has successfully revived Forsell Audio with incredible, world-renown pieces. 
Stand out phono stages
Threshold Fet-10PC and maybe the Precision Fidelity C/7A Revised; Boulder Phono 
Hall of Fame: BIGGEST BADDEST Monster Amps
Wolcott CA/PA 250 Instrumentation Monoblocks (Used by the National Institute of Standards & Technology); Threshold SA-1's and SA/12e's.