Preamps suggestions for cary cad120s

Looking for a tube preamp in the $4000-$2000 dollar range for my new Cary audio CAD 120s amp. Not MKII. With phono built in since why I am upgrading in the first place.

My system is totem forests speakers and have Kimber silver streaks, 12tc speaker cables and shunyata Zi-tron for power cables and a cary CD303t SACD pro.

Any suggestions for a tube preamp with phono and class A operation?
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I think the natural suggestion would be the Cary SLP-98P, which has a nice built in phono stage.
Just to let you know. All preamps are class A. When they advertise a class A preamp they are playing on ignorance of the consumer. I second the Cary preamp
SLP98P I have that combo. You won't need to upgrade to the MK II since the 98 has plenty of gain. The 98 is an excellent pre, and the phono stage works very nicely. You can even use a MC cart. if it has at least 1.4mv good luck.
I have an SLP05 Cary preamp that I might part with but it does not have a phono stage and would be somewhat above your max price that you would like to spend.
My vote is also for the Cary SLP-98P but I would get the directly coupled F1 edition with the Lundahl step-up transformers installed for use with MC cartridges.

If you plan on running just MM cartridges, you can skip the Lundahl step-up transformers.
i have a slp-05 cary pre-amp with 120 cary with some altec 604 sound i think really can find slp-05 in your price range,,have seen some for 37 to 4000.00 good luck
The Cary SLP-05 is a very nice pre, BUT it does not have a built in phono as per the OP's requirement.