Preamplifier Recommendation for Innersound Eros Speakers


I would appreciate some preamplifier recommendations for the following system:


Oppo BDP 105 

Behringer Ultradrive Pro DCX 2496 (electronic crossover)

Innersound Amplifier/Crossover MKII  (powers subs)

Legacy ESL Amplifier (powers panels)

Innersound Eros Speakers (MKII panels)  


I had been using an older Lexicon Preamplifier (CP-1) but it is causing some noise in one of the channels. I removed the preamplifier and am connecting the Oppo directly to the Behringer and using the Oppo as a volume control. I am using DIY Canare Quadstar XLR cables between the Oppo, DCX, and both amplifiers. I do have the recommended speaker cables for the panels. I am happy with the sound but I have a turntable I would also like to use occasionally.

I am looking for a preamplifier that has at least one XLR, and one RCA input, with both types of outputs. I plan on using the XLR but would like to have the RCA out in case I change things in the future. Basically I need switching and volume control for a reasonable price. This system was assembled on a budget. None of the individual pieces have cost over $1000. I am searching for, if possible, a used/new preamplifier under $1000 that will enhance my listening experience.

I have little to no experience with tubes but I am open to tube or solid state. I am concerned with heat and high tube maintenance. I have done some searching through the forum and one user commented that the Innersound preamplifier combined with Innersound speakers may be too much of a good thing (too much detail).

Does anyone have experience with a similar setup? I appreciate all recommendations.

Thanks in advance!       

Muse Model 3 Signature....
Coda Windows Continuum 3 or 4 (Coda Manufactures Innersound) 
Audio Research LS9
Bel Canto Pre 1, 2 or 3  (all very good)

All have remote, single ended and balanced 
Coda is the correct solution, but I would suggest a CJ instead to add some color.

Thanks for the suggestion! 
I had the Innersound passive stats for years,powered by Bryston with an Audio Research LS15 tube pre.My opinion,a tube pre simply fleshes out the music.Heat generation and maintenance not an issue.
Thanks for the recommendation!