Preamp with remote under $1000

I am looking for a preamp with a remote for my second system. I would prefer tube but solid state would be OK. I would like to spend around $750 but can go to around $1000. I am going to use it with a solid state amp and Alon II speakers. Any advice?

It's unlikely you will get another member to make my recommendation which is a Linn Wakonda. This is a superb preamp with all the features you could ask for and usually sells for less than you want to spend. The brilliant power supply eliminates the need to upgrade the power cord. If you spin vinyl and get the Wakonda with the phono stage included it will accomodate mc and mm cartridges and is easily configured for such. The remote is the best I've ever seen. While this is not a tube preamp it is very smooth and detailed plus it is super quiet. Linn has exceptional customer support. The only problem is putting up with most of the Linn dealers who are obviously trained to be uppity. (apologies to the good ones) Should you wish for a tuner, the Kudos sneaky module upgrades the preamp to that level and is easy to install. If you find it appealing to have a bedroom system it can be user upgraded so that your main system sources are controlled via remote and not interfere with playback on the main system. It's the most flexible preamp I know of in this price range on the used market.
Pal- You could also go with a BAT VK3i. Also exceptional support. Should be right at the top of your range, but make sure you get one with remote already installed, as it is a factory option. Can be added later but at substantial cost.
If you're patient, you can pick up a VTL 2.5 for about $750, used. Incredible bang for the buck.
I'll second the VTL 2.5, great preamp for the money. I'm very pleased with the performance and the phono section is excellent.
Plan to spend around $1000.00 if you need a phono section.
Sonic Frontier Line 1. They usually are in the classified ads for ~$1000.
Anthem Pre-1, this is a great tube pre-amp for the $. I owned one for about a year. You can still find them new at some audio shops for arond $600.00 or so.
CJ PFR. I upgrade to this a year back from an old CJ preamp PV-5) and was simply astounded by the difference.