preamp with Atma-sphere m60 II

I am thinking of replacing my current BAT VK3i pre amp and I thought some of you may have an opinion you'ld like to share ;)
I am running Atma-sphere M60 II amps with Zingali Overture .2s monitors. Cabling is all Signal Cable. I prefer balanced out put if possible. My budget would be about $1500~.
I should tell you that I really like my BAT, I am looking for synergy amonst components that I am not sure I'm getting now.
Thanks in advance
I should add, my preference is for tubed preamps
There's really excellent synergy between pieces of Atma-Sphere gear. A used MP-3 linestage unit might show up within striking distance of your price range. Then when your piggy bank recovers, there are some worthwhile factory upgrades that can be done (in particular to the power supply). I'd suggest hanging on to the BAT until you are able to make the move to an MP-3.
Duke (Audiokinesis) is right, MP-3/M-60 pairing works great together. You wouldn't expect anything less from Atma-Sphere, would you? Actually the pairing will presumably exceed your expectations.
I'm using an MP-3 with M-60's [mk.2.2's] and I really enjoy the sound. Plus, the people at Atma-sphere have an incredible customer relations rapport!
A 3rd vote for the MP-3. When I added an AS preamp to my AS amp, the difference for the better (over a very well regarded, much more expensive pre-amp)was striking. You need look no further.
Some of you think I should look at an MP-3, huh?
I'd sure like to hear one. I'll start searching the 'gon.
Thanks all
Yeah, and you'll want to run balanced I/C's between the MP-3 and the M-60's!
how about a used bat vk-30 ? the 30 is a couple steps above the 3..
A LAMM LL2 sounds excellent with the M60II.2

When you say that "the 30 is a couple steps above the 3", are you comparing the BAT VK-30 to the BAT VK-3i, or to the Atma-Sphere MP-3?