Preamp Upgrade: Puffin vs Lounge Audio LCR Mkiii

I have the Mkiii now, and I really enjoy it.  I think it pairs nicely will my almost fully upgrade KAB Technics 1200.  I've always eyed the Puffin predecessor, but it was discontinued before I had a chance for a listen.  Wondering if any of you had a chance to A/B these?  I do swap the denon DL-110 and AT-440mla quite often, and the puffin presets intrigue me.  Seems like it has quite alot to offer.  It would only be a small incremental $$ upgrade to move to the puffin.  What do you think?   
Give it a try. You can always return it if you don’t like it better than the Lounge. Like anything else the proof is in the pudding!
I've never heard the Lounge Audio piece, but I sold one of my Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomenas and kept the Puffin.  Not that I think it was better than the Phonomena.  It isn't, mostly because it doesn't have as many loading options.  Other phono stages I have to compare it to are the Jolida JD-9 and Manley Chinook.   I think it sounds as good as the JD-9 and maybe as good, or within spitting distance of the Nova Phonomena, both of which are more expensive.  It has more gain options than most phono stages and I've used it with both MM and LOMC cartridges and it has worked great with both.
The old Puffin looks like it was a nice design.  I can't for the life of me figure out why they went digital.  Anyway, the Cornet3 may be the closest available alternative.