Preamp to match with Aragon 8008

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I recently bought an Aragon 8008 amplifier and a pair of Energy Veritas speakers. I was wondering if anyone could offer some feedback as to which preamp and Cd player I should match with these components? Should I be looking for an Aragon or Acurus preamp? Right now I have an Adcom GTP-400 preamp and would like to upgrade and an early Philips CD player. Should I be looking for a tube or solid state preamp?
I have had the Aragon 8008BB for many years mated with Aragon 28K preamp (think there is one used at the moment in classifieds) It has been a great combination. The only problem was that the 28K is 19inches wide where most equipment is 17inches so I had to make a custom shelf. Talking to the Aragon people they feel that thier Aurum preamp was the best preamp they ever made, so it should also mate well.
i had an aragon 8002 (same design, lower power) paired with both a McCormack TLC-1, and an Audio Research LS-15. The TLC-1 was a great match with my former dna 225, but NOT with the 8002. Dry, uninvolving sound. The ARC pre breathed new life: dynamics came alive, the subtle textures and midrange transparancy resulted in a much more vibrant involved sound. A buddy of mine now has my 8002 and is driving it with a bottlehead preamp...he likes that much better than the variable outputs of his theta prebasic II. I vote tubes for your aragon!

I am new here, but NOT new in the audiophile freak section :-)  
I have noticed that 1 gentleman has the THETA PRE-BASIC ii .  I would be very pleased if someone could send me the MANUAL and SPECS for  THETA PRE-BASIC ii .  I search all the internet and believe it or not it is not mentioned anywhere !!
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I also own Aragon 8008BB amp own it since 1996, I used Perreaux pre amp.
I found a Aragon 18k pre amp with Penny & Giles volume control.