Preamp Recommendation For My System

I have an Ayre C-5xe mp universal sacd/cd player, Cary

SA-200.2 amplifier, CJ PV-10 Al Pre-amp, and Selah Tempesta

Speakers. Both the speaker and cd player are more on the

neutral sounding side of the ledger, with the amp and pre-

amp on the warmer side of neutral. I am looking to upgrade

the pre-amp and considering these pre-amps:

2)Modwright Ls 100
3)Audio Horizons 2.3
4)SAS Audio 11A

Any thoughts on which one of these would best fit my

I have a C-J ET3 myself & I pair it w/ a C-J LP66S amp. It's a great combo if I must say. My speakers are the Legacy Studio HD's. I know this set up I have can be better. I'm tweaking it as my budget allows. I'm hoping to acquire a SACD player soon. The ET3 made The Absolute Sounds recommended list. More emphysis on the SE upgrade which is something I don't have. Check with Spearit Sound on their web site. It took a while for my ET3 to break in and at first it was dull sounding. It was picking up lots of noise from the rest of the house. It's a very sensitive pre I tell ya. Anyway, I slapped Cardas RCA caps on the unused inputs and bought a Channel Islands XDC-2 in line filter for it. Huge improvement with even greater depth and stereo seperation. I also put on the shortest cable I could get which was a Morrow Audio MAP2 and it's a half meter. I just thought I'd share what I have done for my ET3. Good luck on yours. PK
Thanks for the reply. I was strongly considering the ET-3.

I actually like the sound of the PV-10, however, it was an

entry level model at that time. I'm sure your pre-amp is

much better sounding. I am not able to audition one since

we have no dealer. Please comment on the soundstaging,

sounds like you have decided on your choices, i have used CJ gear for a long time, pv10 and premier 14 - recently switched to a dehavilland ultra verve - great performer and very reasonably price. just wanted to throw another contender in....good luck with your choice.
Don't make a move until you've taken the Audio Horizons for a test drive.Company still offers free home trial.It is in a different league.
Markwatkiss, what are the general characteristics in sound

of the 2.3? Is it more neutral or lush sounding? Does it

lean more towards say Audio Research or CJ? I am just

trying to get an idea of what kind of sound it leans

towards. Thanks
Upon warming up the musical presentation is emotionally immediate.It is not an AR or a CJ sound,rather it is very satisfying in its presentation of the entire musical landscape.It brings an utter sense of poise to the music,a layer of timing and texture of presence and aliveness that is seductive.Suggest you pore over the Audio Horizons thread on this forum for more particulars and access the latest professional review for other opinions.
Why not do the perfect match go balanced all the way
with your CD into
Cary dual Mono SLP O3 pre
balanced into your Cary 200.2
with Kimber Hero XLR and Roll the Tubes
Tesla 12AU7 and do Kimber 12 TC on your speaker wire
Best Johnnyr
Pops,I appreciate your recommending the Ultraverve. Do
you have the UltraVerve 3 model? Please comment on the improvements over your previous CJ models. I did some research on the DeHavilland website and it looks like real good performer and value. Thanks