preamp outputs RCA

I just bought a power amp Mark Levinson 29 with balanced inputs and my old preamp has RCA unbalanced outputs. Any solution to connect the amp to the preamp ? 
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Adapters come in direct wired, and transformer balanced.

The first kind may not give you enough gain, but will have no distortion. The second kind will help you match levels better, but may warm or soften the signal.

You can of course solder your own. :) Wire center hot and shield as negative, leaving the ground pin connected only at the XLR end.


BTW, that link to Caras jacks is just an example. You can find the same much more cheaply elsewhere. Jensen transformers are pricey, but really good.
It's better to use an RCA to camac adapter. They show up on ebay now and then for about a hundred dollars a pair.
I just find out there are 2 RCA inputs besides the XLR inputs.
Ouf ! Thank you for your suggestions, they are always helpful.