Preamp for BAT VK-60 s and ML Requests

I am looking for a CD (only) player or transport/DAC to run straight into my amps, but im not really sure if I want to give up the ability to use other sources. Any CD player suggestions? If I decide to use a preamp, any suggestions on what to use with the BAT's.
I have tried running a CD straight into amps and have been initially impressed, but realize after a day or two it is not as musical - not as dynamic - not as full-bodied as when using a good pre-amp. I have had very good luck with the BAT VK50SE and the VK60s (monos).

Good Listening!!
I totally agree with Jkphoto. The BAT VK-50SE is the perfect match. Dead quiet with a huge soundstage and great tonality.
I'll second (and third) the previous replies.
VK50SE is the way to go. After you hear this piece, nothing else comes close.

I cannot say which is the best preamp for you. What I can tell you is this: you really MUST get a preamp. I used to use a dCS Elgar without a preamp (as brainwashed by my dealer, Jonathan Scull, and others). I then decided to acquire the Aesthetix Callisto preamp (upgraded with double outboard power supplies). The improvements were immense: the digital front-end suddenly became musical, soundstage became huge and the loss in transparency was so miniscule as to be barely noticeable. In sum, there is nothing to replace a high quality tube-preamp.
I am running an all BAT system with vk5d into vk5se into vk60 mono's. I tried the EVS attenuators (which I bought used on Audiogon) bypassing the preamp and found that they work just fine. In fact they may work too well as there was a tinge more clarity with them compared to the 5se, but you loose the flexibility of using other sources.
Thank you all for you time and helpful information. I will now begin by search for a preamp, most likely a BAT. It sounds like (no pun intended) in addition to sounding better (going into a preamp) I will also get to enjoy other music sources available; vinyl and radio.
Hungryear, I too was beginning to feel a little brainwashed, thank you for clearing up that mess. It's nice to hear from people with similar experiences.
Drrasta, I sounds like that I am building a system not too unlike yours. I can't believe how great the Requests sound with the BAT's. What speakers are you using?
Thanks again everyone.
Hungryear and Drrasta
Sorry about the low rating. I think it was a mistake. I intended to give both of you a +4/+4, I'm not sure what happened.
For what it's worth, I run a Theta Miles into a BAT VK 500 (AQ Python XLR.) I compared this to the use of my pre-amp a Forte Model 2 with an RCA to XLR (AQ Lapis 3.) I found the direct to amplifier route superior in terms of detail, imaging and soundstage as well as dynamics. Overall it has more musical thrill than with the addition of the pre-amp.

The above discussion has me wondering if I should addition a better pre-amp- the VK 30SE would be more in my budget. Is it possible that the improvement noted in previous posts with the addition of a pre-amp is due to coloration from those "euphonic" tubes?

Just wondering. -Karl