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HELP FedEx Mangles Speakers - Refuses Claim
"I bet they were shipped ground?"How else are they going to arrive at your door?What a stupid comment. 
Speakers for Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks?
I used to have the Nemo's and they were driving a pair of Dali MS5's. All the bass you could want and a ribbon tweeter as well. Great speakers with a great pair of amps. 
Mac Mini Monitor/Keyboard/mouse
Hi Abruce,I think this can be accomplished much more easily then most people think. Assuming you have a wireless network in your home, and want to control your iTunes library on your Mac Mini, or any other Mac computer for that matter, from your i... 
Okay I Bought the Magnepan 3.6's
I powered mine with a Modwright KWA150 with very nice results. 
Tube Pre-Amp with Solid State Amp?
I think the Danlalane asked if "tube AMPS are more of a hassle." Read people. 
Artists of the Decade
Have to chime in. KOL? I just filmed them in 3D. Twice. THEY SUCK! 
Zu Essence vs. any Emerald Physics CS series
Not in the September issue. October maybe? 
Balanced preamp tube for Magnepan 3.6 or 20.1
Isn't this about Preamps?I use a Modwright 36.5. 
I'm beginning to wonder...
I agree!Compose in Word, spell-check, then post to Audiogon.It shouldn't have anything to do with who you are or where you're from. 
Good stores in LA
Good luck. How's that for a suggestion? Where in LA will you be? Pretty much all the shops are gone now, with the exception of a small few. There's Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica (by appointment only) but you'll be expected to buy something. ... 
Warranty...good,bad and the ugly
Because so few companies care about their customer base like Pass Labs does. I bought a piece of Pass Labs gear on Audiogon and I had a problem with it as well. I told Pass Labs that I bought it second hand on Audiogon. Not only was the unit OUT O... 
American made USB DAC's
Thank you everyone for all your help and suggestions. I will research them all. 
High Current Monoblocks
I apologize. I meant to say "I couldn't be happier" 
High Current Monoblocks
I just sold a pair of Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks that are very high current amplifiers for Dan Wright's new KWA150, and I could be happier. They drive my Maggie 3.6R's effortlessly. 
Who bought ARC?
That does not seem right.I'm sure Audio Research is worth much more then that.I could not find any article that disclosed the financials of that sale.