Pre Suggestions Krell KSA-250 & Apogee Scintillas

I recently acquired a Krell KSA-250 and a pair of Apogee Scintillas, and would appreciate member input for modestly-priced preamps.

I was involved years ago in high-end gear, but have long forgotten what constitutes a good match for the above gear.

Having spent a few evenings researching past reviews with one or both of the components I have, it looks like Krell's KRC-2, KRC-3, and KBL are good choices for SS pre's. Any other suggestions for great values in pre's that would drive the KSA-250 well would be appreciated.

Also, I have pondered using a tube pre. Suggestions here would also be welcomed.


Hi Eric,

Are you the one who bought the Scintillas in the Bay area? And, if so, are you close enough to visit me in Sacramento? I have Scintillas, and they are a must hear, before you continue. I will show you how to save a lot of money on wiring, the importance of source, pre and amps as well.

Different bay, I'm afraid.

I'm in the Puget Sound area west of Seattle, in fact.

Still, I would appreciate whatever suggestions and tips you'd care to share.

Thank you.
Still on the Pacific Coast. Outsiders think we Scintilla owners have to get old big bruiser class A amps to power the 1 ohm Scintilla. Is this an older Scintilla, or a recently refurbished one? That would make a difference which amp to use.
First Sound Deluxe MKII(tube) or Placette Active (SS).

As mentioned, I do have a KSA-250, so my amplifier needs are taken care of. I was asking about preamp suggestions, but of course welcome tips and hints on setting up the Scintillas and the system in general. :-)


Thanks for your recommendations!
I ran a KRC2 with my KSA200s and also my FPB300cx. I absolutely loved it. I ended up changing to the Krell KCT pre only because it matched cosmetically & has the CAST connections. I actually liked the KRC2 almost better due to a couple of things; The KRC2 has a much better volume control lighting. You can actually see the setting from accross the room; The KCR2 has a really easy gain control;
The KRC2 doesn't run hot at idle.
The KRC2 is quite as the dead of night in all respects. Backround, switches etc. Only squak I had with it was on very dry days if I built up a lot of static electricity in my body by walking accross the carpet the small static shock created when I touched the unit would send it into mute mode. Remedy was to use the remote.
The heat from my KCT kind of irks my wife. "Why is it so hot when it is not on?"
BTW - I sold the KRC2 here on Agon for $1200 last summer. I still believe it beats the KRC3 which I also had (borrowed) for a couple of weeks.
Good luck in your quest, John
How high can you go? The Fire is best of all at 5k.