Pre/Pro comparison on these please.

B&K Reference 50
Anthem avm 20 v2
Krell showcase
bryston sp 1.7
aragon stage one
parasound halo c2

I'm sure there will be all great for HT, so comparison on Music...

My front speaker will be Von Schweikert VR2

what's your recommendation for Von Schweikert VR2...

I'd add the EAD Theatermaster 8800pro to your short list. I chose it over some of the units you have listed.

Well, those in my list are New Market Pirce under $3500

I think EAD TM880 is little bit more?

I'm trying to get either new one or slightly used one for under $3000
Well if you can get by without switching and other bells,etc. A lowly Meridian 565 with the 7.1 dts would be more than you think; in sound quality. It has one toslinc and one coax along with analog. (Run the video to the display) I had the Amthem;---is my perspective. There is one (not mine) for sale here. You'll only know how good it is if you have good amps and speakers.
I haven't heard the other 5 on your list, but I can tell you that the B&K Ref 50 is probably not up to par. I had one shortly(about 3 weeks) as a loaner while I was waiting for my pre/pro and I didn't even like it for HT. It was noisy and somewhat compressed and dark sounding.

I have heard lots of good things about the Bryston, especially for music.

Another pre/pro you should consider is a Proceed AVP2. I know Proceed is not around anymore but there was NEVER any issues with the AVP, and if you buy one from a dealer that still has them, you're at least somewhat covered. I had the original AVP for about 4 years. While IMO, HT processing is not up there with the best, Lexicon, etc.. 2 channel was outstanding.
2 channel was my primary concern as well. After comparing several Pre/Pros I ended up with a lowly Bryston SP1.7 and love it.

I would add this.... Several of the Processors you mentioned (and both of the ones added) perform very well. What I might like best, you may not. 3k is a lot of bones. I would audition every one of them, in home if your dealer will let you.

You're right...the EAD TM8000pro is a bit more but well worth it. I've seen a couple of units on the used market that wouldn't be that much of a stretch for you.

You might want to talk Steve Holt at EAD. Because lots of people traded in TM8000pro's for the probably can get a great deal on an 8000pro...which I would still prefer to anything on your list.

I have absolutely no affiliation with EAD....but have been very impressed with their products.

Hey Distortion:

Wanna reactivate the Bryston v. EAD debate??

I think I will pass on that one Harry.

Besides it wasnt much of a performance debate. To be honest, I am not really sure what it was, or better yet, who was served by it.

Arent you a Doctor (psychology)? I thought you guys stayed busy, or has Ritalin knocked out all the problems?
Thanks guys,

What about features...

Any one of these missing any major features?

Bryston has no video switching. Would make no difference in my system, I go direct from DVD to projector anyway.

I don't think any of them have Dolby IIx, but I also don't know how much difference IIx makes.