pre-power for Theil CS 3.5

For several years I've been driving my Theils with an acoustat
mosfet amp.My most recent application was using the amp and speakers in my home theater. I decided I wanted a dedicated 2 channel system again.The room the system will be located in is 16x23 with hardwood floors and 10'ceilings.I recently bought a bryston .5B preamp and a 3B power amp to try out.Unfortunately the preamp needed a new power supply so I haven't been able to listen to it or the 3B.I've seen the acoustat mentioned as a good quality amp in other applications.Am I going backwards with the 3B?How does the acoustat hold up to the competition? What would be considered a better choice?
the mosfet amp is an excellent performer. I would leave this amp in the system and possible try an affordable tube pre such as a used Conrad Johnson or Audio Research or any of the Golden age of tube preamps of there day. Your amp is a keeper in my opinion for it's ability to drive difficult loads such as planers,and cones such as yours. I would also suggest if your just using a cd based system then using a cd player with volume control. Now if tubes are out because reasons not mentioned then Classe's older gear preamps DR-5,6 or older SS preamp models might serve you well.But by all means keep the amp you will always be able to buy any hard driven speaker and know you have the power and may the force be with you.
Thanks for the response.I plan to resurrect my LP collection and also update to a dedicated CD instead of the basic DVD I've been using. I'll take your suggestion to look at CD players with gain control.Thanks for your response.