Request your two cents - BW804, Theil 2.x, or ...

There are not too many options for me to sit back and compare speakers, so I may need to purchase something unseen/unheard and would like to narrow down my choices.  Considering new/used and would like to spend between $2-4k. Looking at B&W804 (maybe 803) and Theil. 

I will be replacing 20 year old pair of Hales Concept Two's. They are great speakers but I would like a bit more of low end thump. I have tried pairing them with a REL reference sub, but it did not integrate well and was returned.

Any suggestions with my current set-up:
Mc352, VPI TT, Adcom 750 (Pre), EAR 834, Hales Concept Two (speaker). Listen to mostly vinyl (Jazz, Rock, Acoustic...)

Appreciate constructive feedback


B&W or Thiel, you cannot go wrong, as both, are excellent speakers.

In the B&W- 705 or 805 are very nice. In the Thiel line- CS 2.4 will do very nicely. Most important of all, which brand of cabling do you plan to use?


What do you think of the difference between the 2.4 and 2.7? Really looking for more bass the my current 2-way Hales can deliver.

Yeah, good question I did not consider. Right now, I have some homemade cables that sound very good, but cables would probably be next years purchase (Kimber,...). 

Whats your suggested pairing?
Your tube amp puts out 50W.  To get good, deep bass you're going to need fairly efficient speakers, and both B&W and Thiel require some power and are not generally considered to be tube-friendly designs.  Companies like Reference 3A, Silverline, and Joseph Audio among others make speakers that present a less challenging load and will not disappoint you on the imaging front.  Best of luck.
The MC-352 is solid state 350W (8/4/2 ohm).

Thanks for the info, I will reference later as Tubes are a future goal!
If more low end punch is desired the B&W 803 will satisfy although your budget may be a little shy for these. They do need some power to drive them though. Bass is much better than most other brands. For stereo listening I do not use a sub at all.
Believe the 803's are what I want, but not sure if I can swing it this year. Maybe save funds for another year if needed. Agreed - subs probably won't work for me.
both B&W and Thiel really thrive and perform at their best under high power, higher current amps.

Let's see...really not much difference between the 2.4 and 2.7 models.
The 2.7 and 3.7 uses the same coaxial drivers- consider listening prior to purchase.  B&W is a sonic match for Transparent cabling.
Thiel can be matched to Audioquest, Audience, Kimber and Nordost.

Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
All - Thanks for the advice. 

I may head down to Indy or Chicago and listen to so used old stock. If I can A/B, I'll make the call. Otherwise, I think I am going for either 804 or 2.4 without an audition. 

Give my historical perspective, I will want to upgrade again in few years. So maybe 803's or something else. 

Thanks again!

what other gear is in your system, including cabling?