Theil cs3.5 equalizer with emotive ta-100

Will this work?  The thiels are supposed to work with tape monitor, but it's not clear to me if the analog out ports on the emotive are the same.  Comments appreciated
Try the Thiel Owners thread. Several with lots of experience with the 3.5 EQ over there,


If you are using an external amp, then yes, you would run interconnects from the analog out jacks to the input of the equalizer, then interconnects from the output of the equalizer into your amplifier.  If you're using the TA-100 as an integrated amp, though, I don't know if you could run the output from the equalizer back into an input of the preamp (assuming you're not using them all anyway) without either degrading the sound (by running it twice through the preamp circuitry) or possibly causing a problem like feedback or oscillation--someone more technically inclined might want to answer that.

If you use only one source, you might want to check the Thiel owners thread to see if anyone puts the equalizer between the source and the preamp.  I never tried that when I owned Thiel CS3s, which also had an equalizer, but in theory it might work.