Pre-amp match for Moscode 600

I could use some advice on a good pre-amp match for a Moscode 600, especially if it is affordable advice. Speakers are Thiel 3.0a's.
Since you're running tubes (albeit, a hybrid), I'd suggest that you go with an all tube pre-amp. There are many to choose from, but you didn't mention a price range or if a used item would be considered. I'd look into Blue Circle, Melos, C-J, MFA, or even AI. You might want to check out as well. The Moscode doesn't have have any unusual input demands, so any good quality pre-amp will work. Of course, your preferences will determine the "best" unit in your budget for your system. Good luck.
Some of the preamps from the day (or thereabouts) would be great matches IMO, especially with a possibly bright Thiel.

MFA Magus, Lazarus hybrid, one of the Audio Research earlier models, or the Moscode preamp (wa sit called Minuet-In-A ?), etc etc

Lots of luck, whatever you do.
Your amp probably has a high (>50k ohms) input impedance; my tube amps do. I'm going to be a contrarian and suggest you run a passive or SS preamp with your tube amp. I'd start with the Adcom 750. As a rule you find this a synergistic and quiet pairing.
I was using a an Audio research LS-2 with my modified Moscode 600. I then tried a Birdland Odeon Lite D/A converter with a volume control and it was an amazing improvement.
I have a fancy VAC preamp with my Stephen Sank-upgraded Moscode 600. It sounds sublime.

I would recommend looking into a used VAC Standard preamp; they come up from time to time on Audiogon.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in getting the most out of your Moscode, I'd get in touch with Stephen Sank and find out about the range of options he offers. Unlike others who work on Moscodes, Stephen does nothing significant to the original circuit design; he just upgrades everything with very high quality components. My amp came back sounding utterly transformed for the better; much *much* better in fact. He's at
Sank can do good work, but I would not let him tie my shoe! Want details, do a search under Sank, my comments are here to be found.



I went and read your comments about your Stephen Sank experience, which were quite different from my own.
I sent him my amp, having spoken to him a few times about what I wanted. He did the work and sent it back. As it happens, there was a problem when I got it back. I can't remember what it was, but what I do remember is that I sent the amp back to him, he fixed it, he *lowered his price* to compensate me for the aggravation and extra shipping costs and time, and added another upgraded part that I had originally decided to forego.

So, I think of him as someone who went as far as one can go in the service world to stand by his work and reputation.

Of course, your mileage did vary. But that's what happened to me.
Hi Dan,

I am glad things worked out for you. I used to recommend him, even after he was as many as 5 months late in delevery. It got to the point that I agreed with any stupid thing he came up with. He wanted to put my preamp into a wooden case, it looked so bad that my friends and I called it the ugly ducklng, but disagreeing with Sank drew protests about how he was unable to work under pressure.

I have worked with others that mod gear, and I now do mods for other, at cost, no labor charges. I'd be very surprised if anyone I have dealt with would have anything bad to say about me. I have a record on eBay and Audiogon, over 130 or so deals, and by all acounts I am a reasonable person to work with. Heck, if I was supposed to work on your preamp, if I were supposed to have it done in 30 days, and 6 months later you got it back in a crappy looking box, I can send you pictures, would you say positive things about me? Yet I was still understanding, and was still saying positive things about Sank, till he screwed me again. I suppose I should have not given him a second chance, in retrospect, but that really is the point, I gave him every oppertunity, and he just nailed me time and again. I wish it were not so.

Best Regards,

I bought a new Moscode 600 when NYAL first came out with their upgrade to the new caps. I used 2 Audio Research pre-amps LS2-Mk2 and a modified SP3A which I have in storage at this time and the Moscode sounded great with both. The Moscode needs a Tube Pre-amp.
Frank Monaco