Pre-Amp Match

I'm looking to replace my conrad johnson CV12L pre amp. Although it has a beautiful, lush sound which works very well with jazz and standards, it sounds less so with rock which comprises half of my cd collection.
My question is that I'm looking for a pre to replace the CJ, $1K range, that would be less old tubey sound but retain its tube character. Looking at makes such as TAD, Rogue, Cayin, or similar. One concern is that I will go in the other direction creating an overly bright, forward sound.
Considering my system components any opinions, advice or alternatives would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave
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You might consider the Modwright pre-amp. Tube qualities but still crisp and dynamic.
Yes if you can your budget a Modwright 9.0SE. should float your boat.
The Modwright is very neutral sounding and NOT at all lush. It is a very honest sound, but a bit lean for my taste, and would be a real shocker for you after the C-J.

Let me recommend another choice too. For a slightly richer palette you might consider an Audible Illusions Modulus 3 which is well within your price range used. Solid build quality, very reliable units. State of the Art in the 1990's, still sound very good today. Usually one or two for sale on A'gon.
Thanks guys! Greatly appreciate the feedback. In reading thru the forums am wondering where the Joule LA 100, and Blue Circle falls in as compared to Mod Wright and the Audio Illusion. Again thanks. Dave
I listen to rock and use the TAD 150 Sig to drive Vandy 3a sigs. Nice combo.